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Annassurra is a collection of travel and hospitality projects based in Copenhagen and Porto. Founded by Per and Steen, two longstanding business partners and travel companions, we believe that the best journeys are those which create a meaningful connection between traveller and destination. Our projects are defined by their hosts. Each location is anchored by a close-knit team from many walks of life, working to exist in deep, symbiotic harmony with our local community. The polestar of our projects is a deep sense of time and place.

We seek to facilitate authentic journeys of discovery — both within oneself and of one’s destination. Great care and attention goes into all elements of Annassurra destinations, but they are nonetheless living, changing spaces; always seeking to create the most direct and genuine relationship between guests and locals. The Largo is our inaugural site, created to be a true expression of these ideals. A playful intersection between craft, community, heritage, growth, arts and food, Porto provides a beautiful neighbourhood for our first home.


learning alongside experience

hospitality with purpose

balancing heritage & innovation

reciprocity between our teams, guests & locals

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the largo

The Largo is the home of discovery, connection and creativity in Porto. The space and team champions meaningful, organic engagement with the unique culture of Porto in a considered, beautiful environment. No detail is overlooked and every opportunity for authentic connection is embraced. Eighteen rooms set over five heritage buildings, The Largo has been quietly growing in Largo de São Domingos since Per and Steen first earmarked the neighbourhood in 2016; establishing deep, purposeful relationships with local craftspeople, artists, academics and cultural mavens.

cozinha das flores

Cozinha das Flores is a restaurant using new and old techniques, focusing on northern Portuguese ingredients and inspired by its traditions. Under the creative direction of chef Nuno Mendes, our kitchen practices a thoughtful appreciation of local produce and simple cooking. Nurturing relationships with suppliers, craftspeople and collaborators from many disciplines, we hope to celebrate the myriad elements which make for convivial, meaningful eating and drinking.


Flôr is a bar with a contemporary approach, inspired by Portugal’s global food culture and serving inventive, unique cocktails. Open for coffee and pastries in the morning; rolling seamlessly into cocktails and snacks service through the afternoon and night, Flôr seeks to be an ever-present cornerstone of the Rua das Flores neighborhood.

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